Hi there

You can check here all my social medias, ocs , comissions and more stuff you wanna know about me!


About Me 🌊

Hi I am Keddu and i'm from Finland where is always cold and freezing especially when winter comes 🥶, I study third year now an art school. I've been drawing about now seven or eight years and my dream is to be an animator or make my own manga.

Art Styles

My artstyle is never the same I always found something interesting and want to make my own style it but, sometimes it really confuse people if I change my drawing ideas ( if you can understand what I mean but, anyway) 🤲🏻

Other Medias

Here you can see my other media accounts if something interest you 🌿


  • About comissions im very small artist so the prizes are not so high 🦋

  • Full colors + 4€

  • Sketch 2€

  • Animation 10€

  • Semi realistic 7€

GMAIL - [email protected]

Thank you for reading my card 🤍